Smart Energy Management Solution

Did your last energy audit report recommend getting an energy management system?

Research shows that up to 30% of energy costs can be saved through the adoption of an energy management system (EMS). An EMS can help you identify energy wastage when it happens allowing you to take full control of your energy costs. To learn what makes for a great energy management system, read the article linked here.

Pima Smart Energy Management

At Pima Smart we have created an EMS solution tailored to your needs. We have responded to the biggest barrier to energy management system uptake, which is the cost of the service. Now you don’t need to break the bank in order to acquire a state-of-the-art energy management solution. We introduce the world’s first energy management solution powered by open source technology.

Features of the Pima Smart EMS

  • Open source technology with no software license fee
  • Automated continuous energy data recording and storage
  • Fully customizable energy dashboards and reports
  • Real time data views as well as historical data views
  • Data accessible over any web enabled device
  • Full user management and data security protocols
  • Set thresholds and alerts for different energy parameters
  • Schedule periodic energy reports emailing to management
  • Get mobile notifications on critical issues and alerts
  • Create multiple advanced and flexible data visualization
  • Optional access to our advanced data analytics platform
  • Many more features …

Would you like to see a demo?

Remember that the dashboard is fully customizable. You can create whatever visualizations you like. We deploy the EMS solution and train you on how to use it. We host the solution on the cloud and provide technical support and customization to suit your needs.

Click here for the live demo:

Leverage data analytics

We live in the age of information and one way to stay ahead of the pack is to leverage on data analytics. The Pima Smart energy management solution provides the option of subscribing to advanced analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Gain insights from your data, discover hidden patterns and trends that can help you improve your operations. Predict when machines will break down and avoid unplanned downtime. Identify when machines become less efficient and plan their maintenance preemptively. Schedule production runs to maximize productivity. Leverage these and many other predictive tools to revolutionize how you run your facility. Our advanced analytics option provides a decisive competitive advantage over the status quo. This option is provided as part of our premium service.

Cost of the solution

We charge as low as USD $200 per year for the basic energy management solution. Cost depends on the number of metering points and anticipated users in your company. This recurring cost goes to covering the cloud server on which the EMS solution runs.

There is also a one time installation cost for deploying the solution. This cost goes towards the smart monitoring equipment that is installed and depends on the number of metering points. Typical cost is USD $100 for each metering point with discounts given for deployments above 25 metering points. Energy meters are not included in the above quoted amount.

Request a site visit

Call us today for a more personalized briefing of our energy management solution. We are happy to pay your facility a visit and provide a quotation for deploying the solution there. Reach us on +254757388142 or +254733418720 to talk to us and book a visit.