Smart Metering Solutions

Helping businesses cut down on their costs through real time monitoring of energy consumption.

Real Time Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of all energy consumption with real time alerts

Historical Record

Historical data to highlight trends and patterns in energy consumption

Data Analytics

Get valuable insights from your data to enhance operational efficiency

About Pima Smart

We are a Kenyan company providing smart metering solutions for the Industry 4.0 revolution. We provide energy management and control solutions for small and medium scale enterprises. We also provide monitoring and control of other utilities and resources involved in production. The Smart in our name comes from the data analytics and automation we apply to optimize efficiency for businesses. Join us today.

Monitor Everything

Remote monitoring and control of resources and assets

Energy Consumption

Electricity, Diesel, LPG

Keep a close eye on how every type of energy is used in your production process. Get a daily, weekly and monthly bill in your email.

Water Use

Reservoirs, Tanks, Taps

Keep tabs on water reserves in storage facilities and get alerts when they are low. Monitor and control water usage both in industry and agriculture.

Other Inputs Consumption

Chemicals, Raw Materials

Whether it is milk in a food processing plant, or caustic chemicals in a petrochemical plant, we can monitor all inputs and track their usage.

Asset Monitoring

Tracking and Surveillance

Monitor a delivery vehicle to determine its position, speed, driving characteristics and fuel consumption. Watch real time video of your vehicles remotely.

What we do

Some sectors we provide solutions to
Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

Resource Management Solutions

Energy Management Systems
Water Management Systems
Supervisory Control

Transport Sector

Transport Sector

Fleet Management Solutions

Fuel Management
Analytics and insights

Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector

Farm Management Solutions

Irrigation Control systems
Water management systems
Fertigation Control Systems


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